The Bismarck Cancer Center (BCC) allows patients in our area to receive state-of-the-art cancer treatment and caring support while staying close to home and loved ones. We have a highly-skilled and compassionate team of radiation therapists, medical physicists, nurses and dosimetrists working with your radiation oncologist to care for you during your treatment.
Dr. John Watkins, Bismarck Cancer Center
Ask a Pro- Survivorship


Q: I just finished up treatment for my breast cancer last month and I’m wondering when I’m considered a cancer survivor?

A: From the moment of diagnosis and for the balance of life, an individual diagnosed with cancer is a considered a survivor. Family members and caregivers affected by a person’s diagnosis are also considered cancer survivors. Cancer survivorship is the experience of living with, through, and beyond cancer. Today, more people than ever are surviving cancer because of better treatments, prevention, and early detection. As a result, much more attention is being placed on the long term adjustment of patients and their families to the physical, emotional, and practical impacts of a cancer diagnosis. Having cancer is often one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. In response to these needs, many clinical programs that attend to the needs of patients after they complete cancer treatment are called ‘survivorship’ programs.  It can help to seek new relationships with other cancer survivors who know what you’ve been through. The Bismarck Cancer Center and the surrounding areas, offer multiple support groups for survivors. For more information go to or call (701)-222-6100.


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