The Bismarck Cancer Center (BCC) allows patients in our area to receive state-of-the-art cancer treatment and caring support while staying close to home and loved ones. We have a highly-skilled and compassionate team of radiation therapists, medical physicists, nurses and dosimetrists working with your radiation oncologist to care for you during your treatment.
Bismarck Cancer Center
Donna Johnson Scholarship 2020


Scholarship opportunities are available annually through the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation. Application deadline is April 17, 2020!

Donna Johnson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship program provides two $1000 scholarships per year to individuals who are interested in and committed to the field of oncology and are pursuing a degree though a Bismarck college. 



Donna Johnson Memorial Continuing Education Scholarship

This scholarship provides two $250 scholarship per year to healthcare providers who are committed to the field of oncology and are purueing continuing education through a local, regional, or national oncology conference.


For more information on scholarships or help with applications, please contact:

Tara Schilke
500 N 8th Street | Bismarck ND 58503
Phone: 701.222.6111

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Congratulations to 2018-19 BCCF Donna Johnson Memorial Scholarship Recipients:

Austin Steiner
Nichole Kilen

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Congratulations to past BCCF Donna Johnson Memorial Continuing Education Scholarship Recipients:
Deb Colton
Amanda Ihmels

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