The Bismarck Cancer Center (BCC) allows patients in our area to receive state-of-the-art cancer treatment and caring support while staying close to home and loved ones. We have a highly-skilled and compassionate team of radiation therapists, medical physicists, nurses and dosimetrists working with your radiation oncologist to care for you during your treatment.
Horses for Healing

Healing Horse Power

   Equine therapy is becoming common in the treatment of a variety of illnesses and complements traditional treatments. In addition to being helpful in treating conditions like anxiety, autism, and anger management, it has also proven helpful for cancer patients. Horses are naturally social animals that welcome a bond with another being, even a person. Once that connection is formed, it can provide great comfort to the cancer survivor, giving them a much-needed escape after the trauma of fighting cancer.

   The Bismarck Cancer Center is starting a new equine therapy program at the TR4 Heart and Soul Riding Arena in July. According to Katie Oakland, owner of TR4 Heart and Soul and occupational therapist, “Riding horses gives cancer survivors an incomparable sense of empowerment and accomplishment. It gives them the chance to take life by the reins.” The equine therapy classes will be free to survivors and a guest and held the last Thursday of each month. To register or for more information, call 701-222-6100 or visit Space is limited.